Getting to know Amlwch

So this is my first blog post since the move to North Wales and I’m pretty excited to write it. In comparison to Glasgow which is a thriving city I now live in Amlwch, the most northerly town in Wales on the north coast of the Isle of Anglesey.

For someone who is used to living in or close to big cities this has been a huge change. Amlwch is pretty rural and I can’t really see myself outstaying the 3 month period I’m supposed to be here; I’m a city kinda girl but I am thoroughly enjoying it. The thing to remember is I am here to concentrate on improving my health and I can’t see any reason why the gorgeous coastal views, long walks on the beach and some TLC from my family can’t help (but I’ll also be getting therapy and back on a steady dose of medication).

It has been pretty tough being away from my friends, boyfriend and the city atmosphere but honestly, this small town certainly isn’t lacking any character.

It was bank holiday weekend so I felt obliged to venture out of the confines of my bedroom to join my brother and dad at the local pub and had the best night out I have had in a very long time. The people were a lot more sociable than my experience of people in bigger cities and it had a really community feel to it.

Fast forward a couple of days which were spent wallowing in self pity in and cleaning (its what I do to calm myself) I finally decided to explore my local surroundings. It was such a beautiful sunny day so I accompanied my dad on a walk down to the coast and through the town.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I don’t walk places (with the exception of when I’m travelling), I rarely even leave the house and honestly I didn’t think I could walk/climb so much without passing out. I was met by some of the most beautiful sights that I really didn’t expect to be impressed by after seeing Loch Lomond and the Scottish scenery but Anglesey sure can compete.

We walked from Llaneilian to Amlwch along the coastal path with several detours attempting to ‘climb’ the cliffs and occasionally going off path. Our three hour ramble ended at the very same pub we’d visited the other night where we regaled the drunken adventures of bank holiday weekend and I swore to the barmaid I’ll be off it for a while.





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