Oooooh Vienna

We arrived in Vienna exhausted after three days in Prague. Our coach had been stuck in traffic for over two hours so we were pretty deflated. We’d intended to use google maps to get us from the bus station to our hotel at the other side of the city but just as our luck would have it none of us could get any 3G so we had to find the closest underground station and from assumptions and memory find the location of our hotel. As we’d intended to use google maps we only had a vague idea of where our hotel was but luckily our assumptions rang true and we managed to find the area and hotel with some ease but in the future I’m actually going to write down street names and districts.

We stayed in a triple room in the Pension Liechtenstein guest house. The location was absolutely perfect, we were in the University district just minutes away from The Stephansdom, Vienna City Hall, Parliament, the University of Vienna and perfect for public transport. The staff were incredibly helpful and despite it not having a 24/7 reception the owner came out one night at midnight to fix our leaking toilet.

Just a few doors down from our hotel was The Uni Alm 2 Euro bar (literally all drinks are 2 EUR of less, we got very drunk very fast). The staff were incredibly friendly and eccentric which was a huge change from the more conservative people we’d met in Prague. Apart from the Uni Alm we stuck around the Seitenstettengasse area for our nightlife ventures. The bars here were absolutely packed, I don’t know how so many people fit into such small rooms. One bar we actually had to leave because we couldn’t move at all. The bar we stayed in for the majority of the night was adorned with bra’s hanging from the ceiling and attracted a really fun, energetic crowd. We met a few interesting characters during our time in Vienna including a guy who gave us chicken nuggets while we drunkenly waited for the underground home (not as weird as it sounds).

Wien is a wonderful city full of unique and beautiful places including the hidden gem that is Mike’s Werkstatt which we stumbled across on our way to the Hunderwasser House. Mike’s Werkstatt has been described perfectly as, “The kind of place in Vienna you either stumble across or never find. Many have said the same about the love of their life.” Behind a large red door on Siegelgasse in Vienna’s third district lies this wonderful shop of curiosities selling an abundance of beautiful vintage items  as well as a small theatre through the back where imagination and puppetry are brought to life. We were unsure what this place was when we came across it but I am so happy my friends dragged me in because this incredibly unique place cannot be forgotten.

At the Freud museum we delved into the odd and fascinating theories of Sigmund Freud as well as the enthralling ‘So this is the strong sex, women in psychoanalysis’ exhibit. This inspired many debates throughout the rest of our trip…

Vienna is full of beautiful and grand building such as The City Hall, Imperial Hofburg Palace and St Stephen’s Cathedral which were truly awe inspiring. Somewhat juxtaposing these grand buildings is Vienna’s famour Prater theme park because of course NO trip to Vienna is complete without a visit there. If you aren’t too squeamish about heights then you have to have a ride on the giant ferris wheel where you can see the most magnificent view of the city.

Many photos below:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG_2181IMG_2183IMG_2180IMG_2593IMG_2586IMG_2583IMG_2585IMG_2535IMG_2531IMG_2533IMG_2528IMG_2513IMG_2517IMG_2510IMG_2511IMG_2505IMG_2490IMG_2493IMG_2483IMG_2479IMG_2458IMG_2461IMG_2455IMG_2460IMG_2378IMG_2429IMG_2436IMG_2443IMG_2447IMG_2418IMG_2341IMG_2415IMG_2417IMG_2392IMG_2402IMG_2383IMG_2384IMG_2340IMG_2374IMG_2380IMG_2351IMG_2355IMG_2310IMG_2345IMG_2339IMG_2326IMG_2335IMG_2265IMG_2266IMG_2319IMG_2294IMG_2255IMG_2257IMG_2293IMG_2291IMG_2290IMG_2281IMG_2285IMG_2240IMG_2242IMG_2236IMG_2237IMG_2239IMG_2225IMG_2217IMG_2208IMG_2215IMG_2193

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