Five months ago I wrote Boomerang Kids, a post about joining the generation of young adults who have returned to living with their parents after flying the nest years before. My parents semi-retired from Nottingham (where I’d grown up) to Anglesey. I was terrified. At the time I couldn’t see myself outstaying my three month hiatus here but now, five months later I’m preparing to put a deposit on a house. I’ve seriously fallen in love with this beautiful island.

I had indoctrinated myself into thinking that because I’d always lived in cities thats where I needed to be. I was wrong. Maybe it was like Stockholm Syndrome or a fear of change and the unknown but now, when I reflect on the past I realise that living in the city always made me miserable.

As someone who was working full time in the service industry on minimum wage while also being in the first year of a start up business the city life was not what I saw on Instagram. It wasn’t all brunch trips, cocktails and shopping. For me, that life was completely unobtainable. I was working nonstop, only seeing the daylight on my way to work; only spending time with my friends if by some rare occurrence we had the same day off; only going out for food if it was a McDonalds after work and, the only cocktails being consumed were jagerbombs. I never having time to do basic things like a food shop or seeing my GP and only saw my boyfriend during those few hours of sleep between shifts. I was miserable and what’s the point in being perpetually unhappy? 

I’ve learnt a lot about myself since moving to Anglesey and I am in general, a happier person. It can be in our human nature to obsess over the past rather than reflecting on the things that we’ve achieved. We skim over little details and don’t realise their great relevance. I can’t pin point exactly when these changes happened but I can finally sleep at night; I don’t have daily anxiety attacks and the thought of living doesn’t terrify me anymore. I didn’t realise how far I’ve come since moving here and how this huge change that terrified me at the time did such great things for me.

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