Living Without Regret

Its graduation time. Facebook and Instagram is plastered with happy faces in caps and gowns; proud parents are gushing about their incredible children. Everyone is celebrating their success, the friends they've made and the memories they'll savour forever. I was doing so well in my first year of university. I was studying Media and dreamt about a … Continue reading Living Without Regret


Being patient with life

The belief that I am wasting my life has always had an incredibly detrimental impact on my mental health. I find myself tirelessly trying to plan every detail of my future meticulously however unrealistic that is. Life is far too unpredictable to plan. For some unbeknown reason I had conjured up the belief that I need to … Continue reading Being patient with life

Scotland I love you

The accent, the people, the scenery, the culture... What's not to love about this wonderful country? When I first visited Scotland I fell completely and utterly in love. After 18 years of living in the midlands I packed up and went North and the Scots were incredibly accommodating. I moved to Stirling in central Scotland and … Continue reading Scotland I love you